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Glaze Mixing and Tongs

For the main Tools and Equipment Page - Use this link

For the main Studio Equipment Page - Use this linkStudio Eqpt

Tools & Eqpt

C49   Glaze Dipper

  • 200 ml stainless steel head
  • 450 mm long steel  and wooden handle
  • For pouring over pieces that cannot be immersed
  • £12.35 + VAT

M60   Holed Glaze Stirrer

  • 275 mm long, 28 mm wide
  • holes to allow movement through the glaze
  • Comes in various colours
  • Can be hooked on side of bucket
  • £2.20 + VAT

  • The top one in the picture

M62   Glaze Mixer, Scraper

  • Discontinued

M61   Steel Mixing Spiral

  • Blue, red or silver depending upon availability.
  • 400 mm ltotal length
  • Head 70 mm wide
  • Fits standard drill chucks
  •  £7.95 + VAT

AB100  Sedimentation Basin

  • W450 x L630 x H 520 mm
  • Clay seperator complies with waste regulations and prevents drain blockage.
  • 3 chamber system made from shock proof PP plastic.
  • 4 castors to aid positioning and cleaning.
  • Comes with siphon, inlet socket and connections.
  • We use them ourselves.
  • £330.00 + VAT
  • (can be sent by box / does not need a pallet)
  • Optional Cover / Lid £45 + VAT


We will price it up for you. Pay over the phone or you can do a bank transfer!

If you go on to the   Buckets, Containers and Scoops page from the Studio Equipment link above - there are lots of containers and scoops that would come in handy when you are mixing.

C32   Economy Glaze Tongs

  • Stainless steel / plastic covered handle
  • 270 mm total length
  • Grip is 30 mm x 30 mm
  • Not spring loaded
  • £8.45 + VAT
  • bottom ones in picture

C38  Spring Handled Glaze Tongs

  • Stainless steel and wooden handles
  • Spring loaded handles for one handed operation
  • 340 mm total length
  • £18.00 + VAT
  • top ones in the picture

RTS   Raku Tongs Small

  • Stainless steel robust tongs
  • 900 mm total length
  • Spiked area is 55 mm long
  • Not spring loaded
  • £22.70 + VAT
  • top one in this and next picture

RTL   Raku Tongs Large

  • Stainless steel  robust tongs
  • 1000 mm total length
  • Mouth like grip area is 100 mm long
  • Not spring loaded
  • £24.99 + VAT
  • bottom one in this and previous picture

We stock a wide range of cost effective tools, brushes and equipment from Germany, Spain, Taiwan, USA and made in the UK for hobbyist, professional and schools. We buy in bulk so often have very good prices.