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ROHDE - Over the years we have looked at stocking many types of kiln but always ended up coming back to Rohde’s kilns as they had such a wide range and they have given our customers significantly lower problems.  They are well designed, engineered, have a good quality control regime and a wide practical choice of dimensions.

NABATHERM - We continued to monitor changes at the other manufacturers and in 2016 we decided that the changes to design, quality control, and introduction of next generation and easier to use controllers, meant that we should also offer our customers the Nabatherm range of kilns.

POTTERYCRAFT (plug in) - We understand the budget needs of our customers and so also offer the cost effective plug-in range from Potterycraft such as the Mercury 30 litre kiln, Aurora 40 litre and Comet Eco 60 litre kiln - the details on these and the plug in kilns from Rohde and Nabertherm can be found on the “PLUG IN KILN” page.

Electric Top Loaders Electric Front Loaders Gas Fired Kilns

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Finance Options are now available on Potters Wheels and Kilns !

Hood Kilns

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This page has details of plug in 13 amp Toploading, Electric Kilns from Rohde, Nabertherm and Potterycrafts

Plug In Kilns Plug In Kilns Plug In Kilns