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16  Antimony Trioxide

66  Iron Oxide, Black

59  Silicon Carbide

17  Chromium Oxide

73  Iron Oxide, Yellow Ochre

25 Tin (Stannic) Oxide

11  Cobalt Carbonate

1  Cobalt Oxide

70  Iron Spangles

26  Titanium Dioxide

12 Copper Carbonate

15  Black Cupric Copper Oxide

83  Red Cuprous Copper Oxide

19 Manganese Carbonate

20  Manganese Dioxide

22  Vanadium Pentoxide

31 Illmenite coarse

32  Illmenite fine

21  Nickel Oxide

27  Zinc Oxide

18  Iron Oxide, Red Ochre

33 Rutile

29  Zirconium Silicate  Zirc 5

30 Zirconium Oxide

We are gradually building up this library of Safety Data Sheets so please bear with us.

56  Calcined Alumina

46  Cornish Stone

68  Petalite

57  Hydrated Alumina

47 Dolomite

53  Quartz 300

C600 Quartz 600

HP71  Ball Clay, Hyplas 71

48  Feldspar, Finish Flotation

69  Sodium Carbonate

23  Barium Carbonate

49  Feldspar, Potash

106  Spodumene

BW  Batt Wash

50  Feldspar, Soda

40 Strontium Carbonate

44  Bentonite

51  Flint

54  Talc

64  Bone Ash

2  Gillespie Borate

55  Whiting

45  China Clay, Puraflo

24  Lithium Carbonate

67  Wollastonite

104  China Clay, Grolleg

58  Magnesium Carbonate

77  Colemanite

52  Nephylene Syenite

87  Silica Sand 60

94 Firebrick Grog

82  Molochite 30/80's

100  Molochite 120's

72  Molochite 200's

107 Corderite 30's to dust

108 Corderite 16/30's



PP1  and HP2 Potters Plaster


37  Calcium Borate Frit

110  Ferro Frit 3134

41  Lead Sesquisilicate Frit

71  Ferro Frit 3110

35  High Alkaline Frit

36  Standard Borax Frit

109  Ferro Frit 3124

34  Lead Bisilicate Frit


WR  Wax Resist

Tone Bentone EW

SS  Soft Soap

LR  Latex Resist

74  Calcium Chloride Flakes

SCMC  Cellulose Glaze Binder

75  Sodium Dispex

FS200  Fluxing Agent

76  Sodium Silicate 75TW

76a  Sodium Silicate 140TW  

GUMA  Gum Arabic

UGM Universal General Medium



DS1001 Intense Orange Slip

DS1005 Elder Green Slip

DS1009 White Slip

DS1002 Shoveller Brown Slip

DS1006 Discuss Blue Slip

DS1010 Black Slip

DS1003 Mallard Green Slip

DS1007 Pompadour Yellow Slip

DS1011 Bright Blue Slip

DS1004 Red Slip

DS1008 Teal Orange Slip

DS1012 Scaup Blue Slip


GZ1900 Hazelnut Brown

GZ1921 Peacock

GZ1933 Shell Pink

GZ1901 Dark Chocolate

GZ1923 Turquoise

GZ1936 Deep Crimson

GZ1908 Orange

GZ1924 Robins Egg

GZ1937 Alpine Rose

GZ1909 Naples

GZ1926 Bright Blue

GZ1940 Taupe

GZ1910 Praseodymium

GZ1927 Pastel

GZ1942 Peach

GZ1913 Chartruse

GZ1928 Sky Blue

GZ1945 Onyx Black

GZ1915 Pea Green

GZ1929 Cobalt Aluminate

GZ1946 White

GZ1917 Grass

GZ1930 Lavender

GZ1950 Red

GZ1919 Leaf

GZ1932 Pansy Purple

GZ1951 Cardinal Red


GZ4000 Hazelnut Brown Matt

GZ4006 Bermuda Matt

GZ4013 Orchid Matt

GZ4001 Red Matt

GZ4007 French Green Matt

GZ4014 Shell Pink Matt

GZ4002 Orange Matt

GZ4009 Lavender Matt

GZ4015 Onyx Black Matt

GZ4003 Vanadium Yellow Matt

GZ4010 Bright  Blue Matt

GZ4016 White Matt

GZ4004 Praseodymium Matt

GZ4011 Cobalt Aluminate Matt

GZ4005 Grass Green Matt

GZ4012 Purple Pansy Matt


GZ2302 Satin Porcelan

GZ2306 Celadon Blue Porcelain

GZ2313 Glossy Large Crackle

GZ2303 White Glossy Porcelain

GZ2307 Celadon Green Porcelain

GZ2314 Silky Fine Crackle

GZ2304/5 Glossy Transparent Porcelain

GZ2315 White Satin Crackle


G1 Earthenware Glossy Transparent

G8 White Opaque Glossy Earthenware

G3 Stoneware Glossy Transparent

G14 Earthenware Glossy Transparent

G11 Earthenware Satin Transparent

G6 Stoneware Matt Transparent

G2 Glossy Mid Temp Glaze

G5 Stoneware Semi-Transparent

G7 Stoneware Satin Transparent


S600 Speckled Oatmeal

S635 Copper Patina

S688 Rustic Gold

S603 Glossy Transparent

S636B South Pacific

S689 Galena Effect

S604 Matt Semi Transparent

S638 Venus

S6524 Bahian Sand

S605 Porcelain Sand

S639 Syringa

S6609 Matt White

S606 Glossy Transparent

S645 Blue Marble

S6611 Anthracite

S607A Sky Blue

S650A Glossy White

S6612 Iberia

S608 Dromedary

S653 Blue Opal

S6613 Galaxy

S609B Borage Blue

S655 Flamenco

S6614 Acropolis

S611 Meadow Green

S656 Marguerite

S6615 Brown Aventurine

S612 Ember Brown

S657 Chun Blue

S6620 Glossy Tin White

S615 Romantic

S658 Symphony Blue

S6631 Solar Orange

S616 Ultramarine Blue

S662 Verdigris Green

S6632 Solar Light Red

S620 Lugano Blue

S664A Tenmoku Red

S6633 Solar Dark Red

S625 Sandstone

S665A Jupiter

S6640 Garnet Red

S626 Celadon Green

S666A Mars Red

S6641 Cherry Red

S628E Marcasite

S682 Saturn

S6642 Chilli Red

S630 Bronze

S683 Silver Crystal

S6651 Turquoise Ice

S631 Fjord Blue

S685A Beige Oatmeal

S632 Amaryllis

S687A Granite


UG1 White

UG17 Cardinal Red

UG33 Grass Green

UG2 Ivory

UG18 Burgundy

UG34 Sea Green

UG3 Flesh Pink

UG19 Pale Lilac

UG35 Teal

UG4 Dusty Pink

UG20 Heather

UG36 Hunter Green

UG5 Mint Green

UG21 Lavender

UG37 Holly Green

UG6 Jade

UG22 Iris Purple

UG38 Light Brown

UG7 Primrose Yellow

UG23 Purple

UG39 Chocolate Brown

UG8 Lemon Yellow

UG24 Sky Blue

UG40 Dolphin Grey

UG9 Buttercup

UG25 Baby Blue

UG41 Charcoal Grey

UG10 Golden Yellow

UG26 Wedgwood

UG42 Jet Black

UG11 Saffron Yellow

UG27 Turquoise Blue

UG43 Signal Red

UG12 Straw

UG28 Electric Blue

UG44 Fuchsia

UG13 Peach

UG29 Royal Blue

UG45 Bright Pink

UG14 Orange

UG30 Cobalt Blue

UG46 Bright Orange

UG15 Light Red

UG31 Lime Green

UG47 Cherry Red

UG16 Poppy Red

UG32 Apple Green

UG48 One Coat Black


GS1 Yellow Stain

GS23 Mid Green Stain

GS45 Peacock Blue Stain

GS2 Orange / Yellow Stain

GS24 True Red 1 Stain

GS46 Dark Fir Green Stain

GS3 Green Stain

GS25 Fuschia Stain

GS47 Soft Rose Stain

GS4 Blue / Green Stain

GS26 Intense Red Stain

GS48 Bubble Gum Pink Stain

GS5 Turquoise Blue Stain

GS27 Bright Orange Stain

GS49 Salmon Pink Stain

GS6 Cobalt Mazarine Blue Stain

GS28 Cream Stain

GS50 Pastel Marone Stain

GS7 Cobalt Blue Stain

GS29 Custard Yellow Stain

GS51 Pastel Lilac Stain

GS8 Lilac Stain

GS30 Old Gold Stain

GS52 Pink Lilac Stain

GS9 Coral Stain

GS31 Sunflower Yellow Stain

GS53 Mauve Stain

GS10 Marone Pink Stain

GS32 Canary Yellow Stain

GS54 Hyacinth Purple Stain

GS11 Orange Brown Stain

GS33 Apricot Stain

GS55 Pastel Aubergine Stain

GS12 Chestnut Brown Stain

GS34 Terracotta Blush Stain

GS56 Aubergine Stain

GS13 Dark Brown Stain

GS35 Cobalt Aluminate Stain

GS57 Delicate Light Blue Stain

GS14 Black Stain

GS36 Caramel Stain

GS58 Soft Blue Stain

GS15  n/a

GS37 Pastel Khaki Stain

GS59 Cornflower Blue Stain

GS16 Hi Temp Yellow Stain

GS38 Khaki Stain

GS60 Medium Blue Stain

GS17 Hi Temp Orange Stain

GS39 Citrus Green Stain

GS61 Navy Blue Stain

GS18 Hi Temp Red Stain

GS40 Pear Green Stain

GS62 Pastel Sea Blue Stain

GS19 Hi Temp Deep Red Stain

GS41 Gooseberry Green Stain

GS63 Sea Blue Stain

GS20 Bright Blue Stain

GS42 Peppermint Green Stain

GS64 Elephant Grey Stain

BS21 Pink Body Stain

GS43 Oak Green Stain

GS65 Battleship Grey Stain

GS22 Buttercup Yellow Stain

GS44 Pastel Green Stain

GS66 Blue Grey Stain



E1010 Transparent Gloss

E4055 Marina Blue Satin

E5402 Reptillian Green Matt

E1020 White Gloss

E4059 Tiger's Eye Satin

E5403 Indian Summer Matt

E1025 Toffee Gloss

E5103 Fire Opal Gloss

E5405 Oatmeal Speckle Matt

E1027 Bottle Green Gloss

E5115 Metallic Blue

E5406 Coffee Bean Matt

E1028 Cobalt Blue Gloss

E5116 Metallic Gold

E5409 Alligator Matt

E1031 Lemon Gloss

E5121 Aquamarine Gloss

E5410 Speckled White Matt

E1032 Sunshine Gloss

E5124 Verdigris Effect Green

E5414 Damson Matt

E1042 Crimson Gloss

E5133 Rockpool Gloss

E5702 Turkish Green Gloss

E1045 Black Gloss

E5204 Speckled Red Gloss

E5704 Hawaiian Blue Gloss

E1046 True Blue Gloss

E5209 Sunflower

E5706 Flame Red Gloss

E1047 Cornflower Gloss

E5210 Kiwi Fruit

E5708 Titanium

E1049 Poppy Red Gloss

E5211 Morning Red



Brush On General SDS

Brush On's containing Manganese

Brush On's containing Copper Oxide



EG/MG/SW1 White

EG/MG/SW21 Lavender

EG/MG/SW41 Charcoal Grey

EG/MG/SW2 Ivory

EG/MG/SW22 Iris Purple

EG/MG/SW42 Jet Black

EG/MG/SW3 Flesh Pink

EG/MG/SW23 Purple

EG/MG/SW43 Signal Red

EG/MG/SW4 Dusty Pink

EG/MG/SW24 Sky Blue

EG/MG/SW44 Fuschia

EG/MG/SW5 Mint Green

EG/MG/SW25 Baby Blue

EG/MG/SW45 Bright Pink

EG/MG/SW6 Jade

EG/MG/SW26 Wedgwood

EG/MG/SW46 Bright Orange

EG/MG/SW7 Primrose Yellow

EG/MG/SW27 Turquoise

EG/MG/SW47 Cherry Red

EG/MG/SW8 Lemon Yellow

EG/MG/SW28 Electric Blue

EG/MG/SW48 Reactive Black

EG/MG/SW9 Buttercup

EG/MG/SW29 Royal Blue

EG/MG/SW49 Pale Sea Blue

EG/MG/SW10 Golden Yellow

EG/MG/SW30 Cobalt Blue

EG/MG/SW50 Pastel Blue Grey

EG/MG/SW11 Saffron Yellow

EG/MG/SW31 Lime Green

EG/MG/SW51 Rich Sea Blue

EG/MG/SW12 Straw

EG/MG/SW32 Apple Green

EG/MG/SW52 Pale Olive Green

EG/MG/SW13 Peach

EG/MG/SW33 Grass Green

EG/MG/SW53 Olive Green

EG/MG/SW14 Orange

EG/MG/SW34 Sea Green

EG/MG/SW54 Blackcurrent Smoothie

EG/MG/SW15 Light Poppy

EG/MG/SW35 Teal

EG/MG/SW55 Damson

EG/MG/SW16 Poppy Red

EG/MG/SW36 Hunter Green

EG/MG/SW56 Deep Damson

EG/MG/SW17 Cardinal Red

EG/MG/SW37 Holly Green

EG57 Matt White 1020-1080

EG/MG/SW18 Burgundy

EG/MG/SW38 Light Brown

EG58 Matt Black 1020-1080

EG/MG/SW 19 Pale Lilac

EG/MG/SW 39 Chocolate Brown

EG/MG/SW20 Heather

EG/MG/SW40 Dolphin Grey


ST01 Glossy Transparent

ST11 Blue Grey

ST19 Light Brown Matt

ST03 White Opaque Gloss

ST12 Green Turquoise Mottled Satin

ST20 Celadon Grey

ST05 White Satin

ST13 Green Magnetite Gloss

ST21 Tundra

ST06 Speckled White

ST14 Matt Night Brown

ST22 Oatmeal

ST07 Black / Smokey Blue

ST15 Brown Gloss with red speckle

ST23 Light Oatmeal

ST08 Dark Grey Satin

ST16 Tamba Glossy Brown

ST24 Tivoli Red

ST09 Blue Azurite Gloss

ST17 Leather Brown Matt

ST25 Topaz

ST10 Nordic Fjord Blue

ST18 Toffee / Honey Gloss



RAK3 Turquoise (Copper)