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Delivery charges and VAT will be added on to all orders. Prices on this website and in all downloads are net of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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All prices on this website and in all downloads are net of VAT.  Delivery charges and VAT need to be added on to all orders at the appropriate rate.

Delivery Charges are listed on the Ordering Page.

Delivery Charges & VAT

If you are new to pottery our STARTER KITS are a good place to begin - see the link at the page end

Product Ordering

You can order over the phone, by fax, email or pigeon post but, unless you have a credit account - such as a college - you will  either need to speak to someone to make payment by card or make a bank transfer. Credit account customers must order using a letter head or order form, or send an email using an official email address.

There is a 2% charge for Business Debit and Credit cards, and personal Credit cards but not for personal UK Debit cards.

EMAIL A LIST TO US and then we will then contact you about stock availability , delivery charges and payment.  Many schools etc send us a list for us to price up before they get it signed off.

Delivery Charges Clay Kilns Bisque

Over the years we have stocked and supplied many types of potters wheels but have settled on a small range which covers the budget, use and power requirements of the vast majority of our customers.

Starting with a sturdy and surprisingly powerful table top  PW-DCT, with optional legs;

a budget but very powerful ¾ HP Frema PW-DC-AH wheel;

the well known, extremely quiet Shimpo Whisper RK3T;   

and the well engineered Rohde HMT500.


Due to bringing these in a dozen at a time we aim to give our customers the very best possible prices.

When it came to kilns, we spent a lot of time talking to customers and decided to supply the well engineered Rohde range of front and top loaders - which have given us almost no problems in the 10 years + that we have supplied them.

Over the years we have continued to monitor the changes in design and quality control at other manufacturers. So in 2016 we started offering the Nabertherm range of kilns.

We are aware that it is a big decision to make so we support our customers by talking through their needs carefully and by passing on any currency savings that we make - to keep the price down as much as we can.

As well as bisque tiles we do stock a number of domestic ware such as a teapot, eggcups, mugs, plates, jug, cereal bowl and a soup bowl; and fancy ware such as fairies, lizards, girls, motorbike, cup cake with lid, boat, camper van, pony, fish, cow, penguin, and little shapes.

These are UK made. To prevent shrinkage we recommended a firing range of the fancy ware and tiles at 1000-1060oC.

We also stock a range of 18 press moulds : plates, pasta plates, bowls, dishes, ovals, chargers etc

We do not stock moulds nor are we able to have them made.

Materials Glazes Tools

To keep prices low we bring in pallet lots of about 95% of the materials that we sell :-

If you need larger quantities please ask for a special price i.e. we have customers taking 100 kg lots of cobalt or copper, or a tonne of lead bisilicate or pot feldspar or china clay or potters plaster etc.

We stock a wide range of glaze materials which we regularly review as fashions change:-

We offer a wide range of items at cost effective prices as we buy them in bulk lots and pass on the savings to you:-

Potters Clays

We are a main stockist and distributor for the excellent Valentine Clays ranges of Standard, Earthstone and Professional Clays.

You can order from the sixty five clays (about half of the Valentine ranges) that we have in store for collection or despatch including paper clays, powdered and casting slips.

We can get any of their other clays for you on our regular inward mixed pallets.

We specialise in pallet deliveries by tail lift pallet network from the Valentine / Earthstone sliphouse and also from POTCLAYS and SPENCROFT in 250kg+ pallets.

Potters Clay
Raw Materials
Tools / Equipment
Bisque & Press Moulds

Bisque, Press Moulds

Refractory / Firing Raw Materials Glazes and Colours Potters Tools and Equipment

Refractory / Firing



We usually stock about 35 different books - as few people are born an expert in everything it is useful that so many people like to pass on their knowledge of the many varied techniques that make up the wonderful world of pottery.

Glazes and Colours

Starter Kits


We have prepared these starter kits with budgets in mind but giving you a good starting point to work from. Also, we suggest starter clays and wheel and kiln options.

Starter Kits Starter Kit Potters Wheels Potters Kilns

Potters Wheels

Potters Kilns