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Delivery charges and VAT will be added on to all orders. Prices on this website and in all downloads are net of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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All prices are in GBP - often per kg - and need delivery and VAT to be added. For some items there are pictures or more information if you press on the link. You can order by email, phone, fax but but you cannot pay online - please see ORDERING

Please Note

Potters Wheels

Frema PW-DCT

  • W 444 x L 660 x H 300 mm
  • 0.3 HP 250 W DC motor
  • weight 28 kg
  • delivery in two boxes
  • Store price GBP600 + VAT
  • optional legs GBP35 + VAT
  • 12" reversible wheel head
  • belt driven
  • centres at least 10 kg
  • One year warranty

Although not whisper quiet it is still easily quiet enough for teaching and for demonstrations. Robust Table Top Wheel.

Frema PW-DC-AH-250W

  • W 680 x L 710 x H to 630 mm
  • 0.3 HP 250 W DC motor
  • adjustable height legs
  • delivery by pallet
  • Store price GBP735 + VAT
  • removable batt lugs
  • 13.5" reversible wheel head
  • belt driven
  • centres at least 10 kg
  • One year warranty

Full sized budget wheel. More powerful than most budget wheels, almost as powerful at wheels 60-70% more expensive -incredible value for money.

Frema PW-DC-AH-550W

  • W 680 x L 710 x H to 630 mm
  • 0.75 HP 550 W DC motor
  • adjustable height legs
  • delivery by pallet
  • Store price GBP835 + VAT
  • removable batt lugs
  • 13.5" reversible wheel head
  • belt driven
  • centres at least 30 kg
  • One year warranty

Very powerful, reasonably quiet, cost effective wheel. Not as a pretty as a Rohde but sturdy and strong.


  • WB1 Adjustable Stool
  • made by the same people who make the "Shimpo Stool"
  • each leg is height ajustable
  • designed to aid posture
  • store price GBP50.00 + VAT
  • 20% off if bought with a wheel

Rohde HMT500

  • W 350 x L 750 x H to 690 mm
  • 0.5 HP 370 W motor
  • adjustable height legs
  • delivery by pallet
  • 13.4" reversible wheel head
  • removable batt luggs
  • centres at least 40 kg
  •  close-able drain outlet.
  • Very well engineered wheel - Three year warranty


  • Including Seat :-

GBP 1,412.00 + VAT

  • Excluding Seat:-

GBP 1,307.00 + VAT

Do you need more than one HMT500 wheel ? PLEASE TALK TO US to see what the best price is that we can do on a HMT500

April 2021

CTM Potters Price:-

  • Including Seat :-

GBP 1,320.00 + VAT

  • Excluding Seat:-

GBP 1,220.00 + VAT

collected - pallet delivery extra

Gladstone Bailey

  • W 470 x L 630 (without seat) x H 680 fixed legs. 40kg
  • 0.5HP 370 W motor but the VF Drive system enables a peak power of 1HP under heavy loads
  • delivery by pallet
  • 12" reversible aluminium wheel head
  • One year warranty
  • Store price GBP1195 + VAT
  • Seat price GBP150 + VAT
  • Shelf Price GBP130 + VAT

  • We can now supply the Bailey wheel with Batt Pins already fitted.
  • Please note the shelf and seat in the picture are optional extras

Roderveld MAX 30 - White

  • W 580 x L 720 x H 520-620mm. 52kg
  • 0.5HP 370 W motor - Direct Drive - no belts
  • delivery by pallet
  • 13.5" reversible aluminium wheel head
  • Batt Pins Fitted
  • Steel Splash Pan
  • Three year warranty
  • LIST PRICE £1360 +
  • Store price GBP1290 + VAT while stocks last.

Cowley Double Drive

  • W 530 x L 700/ 1030 with seat x H 575 mm, 45kg
  • 0.5 HP 370 W motor
  • spherical cone with synthetic drive ring enables strong torque
  • delivery by pallet
  • Store price GBP1132 + VAT
  • includes removable deeply padded seat
  • fixed pedal with handle
  • 12 reversible wheel head
  • centres at least 20 kg

Traditional English wheel design with a Two year warranty

MDF Resistant Batts

  • water resistant MDF
  • 10+ price can be for a mixed lot

WB4A  305 mm  GBP5.58  each

                  10+ GBP5.38 each

WB4B  330 mm GBP5.99  each

                10+ GBP5.79  each

WB5    360 mm GBP6.03  each

                 10+ GBP5.83  each

WB5A  380 mm GBP6.77  each

                10+ GBP6.57  each

Plus VAT

PLY Resistant Batts

  • water resistant PLY
  • 10+ price can be for a mixed lot

 WB8A  305 mm GBP7.24  each

                 10+ GBP7.04  each

 WB9    330 mm GBP7.61  each

                 10+ GBP7.41  each

 WB9A  360 mm GBP8.03   each

                  10+ GBP7.83  each

 WB10  380 mm GBP8.30  each

                 10+ GBP8.10  each

Plus VAT

  • WB2 Batt Luggs
  • general use plastic luggs
  • GBP1.50 pair + VAT

If you are considering a 13 amp Plug In Kiln please follow this link

  • Warranties are made by the manufacturer based on the wheels first being returned to the premises of CTM Potters Supplies.  
  • CTM will arrange for them to go back to the manufacturer if needed or arrange repair on behalf of the manufacturer within the warranty periods and on behalf of the customer after the warranty period.
Delivery Charges

Over the years we have stocked many wheels but have settled on a small range which covers the budget, use and power requirements of the vast majority of our customers - from a sturdy, powerful table top Frema PW-DCT, a budget powerful Frema PW-DC-AH wheel, the cone driven Cowley Double Drive, quiet and well engineered Gladstone Bailey Wheel, as well as the almost silent Rohde HMT500. Please check we have stock before coming as high demand occasionally outstrips supply - we aim to give you the best price / most cost-effective range of wheels.

Our wheels are usually below list price when we are able