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Delivery charges and VAT will be added on to all orders. Prices on this website and in all downloads are net of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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By bringing in tools from Germany, Taiwan, USA, Spain and sourcing tools and equipment made in the UK - we are able to supply you with the most cost-effective ranges of tools for the professional, school and hobbyist.

We have tried to split them up logically in to sections, and have put some items in more than one section - but if you cannot find something please browse the other section titles, it’s probably there somewhere!

All prices are in GBP - often per kg - and need delivery and VAT to be added. For some items there are pictures or more information if you press on the link. You can order by email, phone, fax but but you cannot pay online - please see ORDERING

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Delivery Charges

Studio Equipment




(incl Sets)


  • sieves
  • buckets and lids
  • containers and lids
  • safety wear
  • scales
  • whirlers / banding wheels
  • mixing tools
  • scoops
  • glaze dipper
  • rolling pins
  • rolling guides
  • tongs
  • sponges
  • sedimentation tank
  • slab roller - table top
  • extruders
  • wheel guide
  • tile cutters
  • pattern cutters
  • rolling pins
  • textured rolling pins
  • pattern rollers
  • tin plate cutters
  • callipers and wheel guide
  • poly stamp sets
  • plastic cutters
  • tea pot handles
  • slip trailers
  • corks, stoppers, magnets
  • clay gun
  • hand extruder
  • mud tools
  • pallettes & kidneys
  • ribs and sticks
  • knives
  • clay cutters and harps
  • bevel cutter
  • turning tools
  • hole cutters
  • needles
  • ribbon tools and set
  • looped and coiled tools
  • handle makers
  • strip tools
  • sculpturing tools
  • clean up tools
  • boxwood modelling tools
  • Sheffield forged steel
  • sponges
  • abrasive block
  • natches
  • tool sets
  • chinese brushes
  • mops
  • fans
  • bamboo pipe brushes
  • hake and slanted hake
  • lawn brushes
  • English - natural
  • English - twist grip
  • compartment pallettes

Hartley and Noble Tile-Batt Systems and Pottery Forms

Hartley and Noble

Premium MDF

Tile Batt Systems for wheelheads with and without batt pins

Hartley and Noble  

Premium MDF

Pottery Forms - straight edged and chamfer edged sets and individual items

Gladstone Machinery

Studio Equipment Design Tools Tools for Potters Brushes PRICE LIST


We will price it up for you. Pay over the phone or you can do a bank transfer!

Rohde Machinery

Rohde Machinery Rohde Machinery Rohde Machinery Rohde Machinery Gladstone Machinery Gladstone Machinery Gladstone Machinery