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Rohde Instruction Books and Videos

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Rohde’s kilns are popular as they have such a wide range, are well designed, engineered, have a good quality control regime, a wide practical choice of dimensions and a 3 year manufacturers warranty (excl. Elements)

Rohde Manuals, Instruction Books & Videos

Rohde Manuals and Instruction Books

Electric Top Loader

Electric ELS Front Loader

Electric Front Loader

Electric KE-B Front Loader

Installation of Elements

TC304 Controller

ST411 Controller

Gas Pressure Spring Strut

AB100 Sedimentation Basin / Clay Trap

HMT600 Potters Wheel

PW 600 Slab Roller

TS 20 Pug Mill Specifications

TS20 Pug Mill Instructions

SK 66 Spray Booth

Rohde  Instruction Videos

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VIDEO - Kiln supply and exhaust air – how to optimize your firing results

This practical tip video describes how you use supply and exhaust air in ceramic kilns and explains the influence of the two factors on the firing process and the development of the glaze.

    When is the air supply slide opened or closed?

    How can I aid the heating and cooling processes?

    What should you watch out for with onglaze and gold overglaze firings?

    What tips are there for biscuit firing?

VIDEO - The toploader lid – information on stability and longevity

This practical tip video is all about the lid and important things to remember when using it daily.

    Why shouldn't the toploader lid be loaded?

    What is the effect of supporting the lid to aid cooling?

    Why is it better to close the lid slowly?

VIDEO - Idle kilns – what you should watch out for after a break in firing

This practical tip video is about the right steps to take to restart the ceramic kiln after a long break in firing.

    What are the effects of dust deposits on the raw material (biscuit material) and during firing?

    What should you watch out for when cleaning the inside of the kiln?

    What tips do you have when restarting for gas pressure springs and heating elements (heating coils)?

VIDEO - Drying wet ceramics in the kiln – why kilns can suffer

This practical tip video is about the potential consequences of drying wet ceramics in the kiln.

    Why is it advantageous to let unfired and freshly glazed firing material (raw material) dry outside the kiln?

    How can moisture in the kiln affect the firing results?

    Why is the ventilation of the kiln and firing chamber important?

VIDEO - Furniture batts and kiln wash – preparation and use for ceramic kilns

This practical tip video is about furniture batts and why they should be coated with kiln wash

    How are furniture batts stored?

    What are the advantages of using kiln wash?

    How is kiln wash used properly?

    What should I do if the furniture batts are dirty or have loose areas after a long period of use?

VIDEO - Charging a toploader kiln – correctly positioning the batts and ceramics

This practical tip video is about furniture batts and how to handle them when loading and unloading the kiln.

    How should the furniture batts be correctly positioned in the kiln?

    How far from the heating elements (heating coils) should the workpieces and furniture batts be?

    How should the supports (hollow supports) be correctly positioned to build up the batts in a stable manner?

    What must be observed when loading the toploader kiln?

VIDEO - Maintaining the cooling phase after firing extends the service life of heating elements and kiln

This practical tip video is about the cooling phase after the ceramic firing and the potential consequences if the cooling is accelerated by opening the kiln lid prematurely.

    Why is it beneficial to leave the controller on until the end?

    At what temperature can the kiln be opened?

    What effects does premature opening have on heating coils and lightweight firebricks?

VIDEO - How do I find the right location for a kiln and what do I need to consider when setting it up?

Choosing the right location can affect the safety and service life of the kiln. This practical tip video is about finding the correct installation location for your toploader kiln and what needs to be considered.

    Which room is suitable?

    What factors are important in the area around the kiln?

    How can you prevent an unauthorised person from opening a toploader kiln?

    How far should the kiln be placed from any walls?

VIDEO - Exhaust air duct to protect the kiln – using the exhaust air socket in practice

This product information video describes the function of the ceramic exhaust air socket and the stainless steel exhaust air duct and demonstrates them on the kiln.

    Why is it important to correctly insert the ceramic exhaust air socket?

    How is the stainless steel exhaust air duct installed and what is its function?

    What are the possible consequences for a kiln without an exhaust air socket or duct?

VIDEO - What influence do the stainless steel jacket and strap have on the longevity of toploader kilns?

This product information video describes the function of the stainless steel jacket and strap and explains what you need to look out for over time for these two components on the kiln.

    How is the toploader kiln kept in shape?

    What is the function of the stainless steel jacket and strap?

    What should you watch out for when re-tensioning?

    What tools can be used?

VIDEO - Firing chamber extension for toploader kilns – up to 50% more volume by inserting an extension ring

In this product information video, the expansion of toploaders is discussed and the considerations when purchasing are addressed.

    How is the extension ring installed and mounted?

    When can a toploader be retrofitted?

    What information does the dealer need when ordering?

VIDEO - Kiln heating elements (heating coils) – correct handling extends the service life

This product information video deals with heating elements (also known as heating coils or rods) that are used in kilns for heating.

    What are heating elements made of?

    What information does the controller give in the event of a loss of power or a drop in the power of the heating coils?

    How do clay residues and dust affect the kiln?

    How important is cleanliness in the kiln?

VIDEO - The pressure spring on the kiln lid – function, handling and care

Gas pressure springs are installed to support the toploader lid so it can be easily lifted and closed again. This product information video describes the function of the gas pressure spring and things to look out for over time with this important component on the kiln.

    Why are gas pressure springs installed?

    What should you watch out for after a break in firing?

    What can affect the effectiveness of the gas pressure spring?

Most of the Rohde kilns are available as Three Phase kilns at no extra cost -some are only available for using with Three Phase power.


Please note this price list does not include kilns

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