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All prices are in GBP - often per kg - and need delivery and VAT to be added. For some items there are pictures or more information if you press on the link. You can order by email, phone, fax but but you cannot pay online - please see ORDERING

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Tool Sets

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Tools & Eqpt

Carefully chosen ranges of Tool Sets to keep costs down for our customers.

Don't be fooled by other companies high prices - these are good tool sets bought in bulk so that we can offer them at low prices

T1010  Canvas Tool Roll

  • Pocketed for useful transporting and keeping safe tools and brushes
  • may not look like the one in the picture

  • £5.50 + VAT

T1000  Economy Tool Set

  • Set of 9 items
  • Contains clay cutting wire, stainless steel palette, needle, knife, ribbon tool, boxwood tool, throwing rib, sponge and looped tool
  • £8.70 + VAT

T183 / T184 / T185  Sculpturing                               Tools

  • If taking all three there is a discount bringing the total price down by £1.32 + VAT
  • £9.00 + VAT

T1001  Fine Ceramic Tool Set

  • Set of 7 tools including wire sgraffito, clean up tools, saw, incising, scoops etc
  • £10.50 + VAT

T1002  Ribbon Tool Set

  • 7 wooden handled 200 mm ribbon double ended tools
  • 20 mm long shapes
  • £10.50 + VAT

T1003  Cleanup Tool Kit

  • Set of 7 tools ferruled tools, including arrow heads, scoop, brush, knife, saw etc     £10.50 + VAT

T1004  Fine Wire Modelling Set

  • Stainless steel tool set
  • Overall length 160 mm
  • 5 double ended tools
  • 5 to 8 mm long shapes
  • £9.50 + VAT

T115   7" Grey Plastic Tools

  • Set of 8 hard grey plastic tools. Cost effective and interesting range
  •  £5.90 + VAT

T116   6" Yellow Plastic Tools

  • Set of 7 yellow economy plastic modelling tools.
  • £4.60 + VAT

T1044  5 1/2" Blue Plastic Tools

  •  Discontinued


We will price it up for you. Pay over the phone or you can do a bank transfer!

T1005   Steel Carving Tool Set

  • Set of 12 double ended stainless steel -160 mm long
  • exceptional bargain at only £10.55 + VAT

T1006   Fine Pick Set

  • Set of 6 stainless steel picks
  • useful tools at a very good price - 130 to 160 mm long
  • only £3.50 + VAT

T1007   Palette Knife Set

  • Set of 5, wooden handles, steel blades - blades from 35 mm to 90 mm long
  • £4.20 + VAT

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T112   6" Boxwood Modelling Set                             of 16 Tools

# Set of 16 price = £18.88 + VAT

# Set of any 8 = £10.24 + VAT

T122   8" Boxwood Modelling Set                             of 16 Tools

#Set of 16 price = £21.44 + VAT

# Set of any 8 = £11.84 + VAT

We stock a wide range of cost effective tools, brushes and equipment from Germany, Spain, Taiwan, USA and made in the UK for hobbyist, professional and schools. We buy in bulk so often have very good prices.